Charmwood: Wood Finishing System

CHARMWOOD BRAND FROM JACPLCharmwood Wood Finish range of products provides a one stop solution to decorate, protect and enhance the natural beauty of wood used in furnishing and furniture industry. Our products are conceived as a complete system. They are engineered to cater to specific demands of our consumers and OEM customers. The safety of use of our products makes them very popular with craftsmen and painters.

Charmwood Offers a complete range of Wood Finishes and Stains which are used to protect and decorate wooden surfaces/ substrates of furniture and fixtures. A Charmwood Wood Finish generally

  • Protects wood from scratches, dirt and wear
  • Enhances wood’s natural beauty, colour, figure patterns, grains and depth
  • Preserves wood from water, oxidation and sun’s UV rays for exterior finishes
  • Changes wood’s appearance by adding colour and hiding defects

Our mission is to make products which enhance and protects the natural beauty of wood. We accomplish this through high-quality products and our constant innovations that add value to our end users. We maintain a very high standard of quality from the development of the product to its production. Our quality management supervises and controls every production batch before it arrives in the warehouse. Charmwood Product range is:

  • Melamine Finish
  • Melamine-Non Yellowing Finish
  • NC (Nitrocellulose) Finish
  • PU-Alkyd Finish – Woody
  • Sealers
  • Thinners
  • Stains

The Charmwood Range