Its a bit strange to hear that Peter Sandback does not craft his design, but nails it instead. Thousands of tiny nails on a wooden component is a common watch at the Sandback studio.
This modern and well organized workshop is located in Harrisville, Southern New Hampshire. It is spread across 30 acres of forest land where Peter Sandback handcrafts every piece of furniture in his line. Sandback LLC has been owned and operated by the Sandback family since 1994.

nailing-the-wooden-art-1nailing the wooden top
nailing-the-wooden-art-2            floral patterns on wooden top
nailing-the-wooden-art-3 cylindrical wood base drum table
nailing-the-wooden-art-4 nailing-the-wooden-art-4

Handmade tables inlaid with nails are the crafting genius of Sandback Fabrication. Portraying various floral and geometric patterns on wooden top is the trademark of this spectacular work space. They employ Adaptive re-usable and sustainable techniques in furniture making process. Peter Sandback’s unique and lasting products may provide a dynamic edge to the woodwork industry.

Cylindrical wood base Drum tables, sleek end grain tables and cast stone tables exemplify the masterpiece wooden-art of Peter Sandback , who is a 2015 “Martha Stewart American Made Awards” Honoree nominee.

The pictures above show perhaps one of its own kind, hand-crafted , beautifully designed wooden tops.Apparently,  it could even be the unique formula to get the balls rolling in the static wood work industry.

These designs are an awareness call for all the wood-worker community to think out of the box from a creative perspective.

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