Sheds are often used as gloomy dumping zone, not much interest or attention is given in their making either. The subtle Irony to shed story is that, they are primarily used for storing  old and unwanted stuffs.

People usually tend to be spendthrift when it comes to making a living home, personal offices or even lawn spaces, where as negligible sum is spent on construction of a shed.

However modern day designs and evolved techniques are catching the eyeballs of people towards the renovated and cost saver form of sheds called “pre-fabricated sheds”.

They can also be customized to cater our specific needs based on environmental changes. They are designed to be eco-friendly and adorable.

The whole Idea of pre-fabricated sheds came to the fore when a couple from Seattle decided to add a crafting space to their vacation home in Vashon Island, WA.

Prefab shed - A path breaking Craft Studio

Prefab shed – A path breaking Craft Studio

In this mechanism, all the components of a shed are prefabricated before we assemble them together.

The couple hired a company called Modern-Shed that specializes in the construction and quick assembly of pre-fabricated sheds.

The floor, roof, and wall panels for this craft room shed were manufactured prior to delivery, and the 192-square-foot space was completed in about four days.

Prefab shed - The pinnacle of shed story

Prefab shed – The pinnacle of shed story

According to general sales manager Mike Probach, the final price came to between $35,000 and $40,000 for the whole assembly, including the installation of outside porch lights and motion detectors. The shed’s exterior is a combination of HardiePlank lap siding and clear-grain red cedar panels painted during the manufacturing process.

Prefab shed - The Divine Saviour of shed blaze

Prefab shed – The Divine Saviour of shed blaze

The Slanted roof is made of tongue-and-groove pine, which is a trademark of Modern-sheds. The beams are architectural-grade glue-laminated wood. Included is a deck and overhang for the porch.

And for the interior, we think it’s simply charming! The custom work desk was made by the installation crew. A forced air wall heater heats the studio in the winter, so it can be full-functioning all year long, while argon gas-insulated windows slow down the transmission of heat and cold, which ensures increased energy efficiency.

Move over tiny houses and she-sheds—and make way for the backyard craft studio!

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