Melamine Premium Finish


Melamine Premium Finish

Product Brief:

  • A Two pack system providing a durable coat with excellent abrasion properties.
  • Gives good heat, water and solvent resistant and thereby increases the life of the wood.

Application Area:

Ideal for surfaces exposed to high wear and tear such as interiors.

Application Medium:

Preferably spray for best finish. Rag or brush can also be used

Pack Sizes:

1ltr, 4ltr, and 20 ltr

Product Highlights:

  • A two pack premium finish system
  • Tough durable long lasting clear finish
  • Good resistance to heat and common household spills such as tea, coffee etc.
  • Recoatable
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Excellent gloss retention
  • Suitable for surfaces exposed to high wear and tear such as interiors, household, office and Institutional furniture
  • Non-Yellowing grade Melamine exhibits non yellowing characteristics

Application Instructions

  • Hardeners should be mixed at the time of application
  • Mix Base and Hardener in 9:1 ratio and thin with 20-25 % Multipurpose (MP) Thinner for application
Melamine Series Viscosity at 25°C (Seconds) Pack Size Drying Time Coverage Gloss/Sheen at 60°C
Melamine- Matt 80-100 1 L, 4L, 20L 4-6 hours 7-9 Sq.M/Ltr

Per coat

(70-75 Sq.Ft/Ltr

Per coat by spray)

Melamine-Glossy 70-90 1 L, 4L, 20L 4-6 hours 90 minimum
Melamine-Satin 80-100 1 L, 4L, 20L 4-6 hours 24-30
Melamine-Sealer 70-90 1 L, 4L, 20L 2-3 hours N/A


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