How to Build a Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

If you are a woodworking lover, you will certainly love this design idea from Pete Sveen. Pete is sharing here his learning to turn an old whiskey barrel into an amazing whiskey barrel coffee table. The table top is hinged which makes the coffee table a functional whiskey barrel chest to hold ice-chilled wine and other items.

To make a whiskey Barrel Coffee Table you need to follow the below steps:

  1. Remove the bands
  2. Cut the barrel length wise in two halves with a jig saw or reciprocating saw.
  3. Apply a sander to smoothen the joints and barrel to prepare it for stain.
  4. Take two heavy lumbers to form two cradles to serve as the base for the barrel to sit on.
  5. On top (open part of the barrel), build a frame to attach the table top.
  6. Make a Table top with 3/4 inch board (1/2 inch larger than the upper frame to allow you to easily lift the table top) and use a hinge to lift the table top.
  7. Apply Charmwood Stains to apply a finish to the table.

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