JIVANJOR BRAND OF WOOD ADHESIVE FROM JUBILANTJivanjor, the 2nd Largest Adhesive Brand in India, offers premium adhesive range made using superior technology. The Brand is offering ready to use adhesives, which are suitable for most wood joinery purposes. They are very popular and effective assembly adhesives in the woodworking industry, used in home décor, office décor, institute décor, kitchen décor, wall décor and garden décor. Jivanjor – water based adhesives comprise of All Rounder, Aquabond, Lamino and PVC-Xtra. They are white adhesives which conform to D2 of EN204. These are ready to use adhesives which set rapidly at room temperature, provide superior bond strength and offer better square feet spread per kg. Each adhesive offered in Jivanjor range is blended with a unique technology to offer reliable result and ease of application, as required by the sub-state and application. Jivanjor adhesives are available in attractive packaging and in various pack sizes.

Jivanjor adhesive products are manufactured using advanced technology, which allows the company to produce reliable and effective adhesives. Many Norwegian online casino players use Jivanjor adhesives because they are reliable and work well when you need to firmly bond a variety of items. Jivanjor adhesive products are covered by a guarantee, which many Norwegians who often play Maria online casino https://toppcasinonorge.com/maria-casino/ pay attention to when making a purchase. Jivanjor adhesives have a wide range of applications including decorating and enhancing surfaces, creating fasteners between objects and bonding objects together. Because Jivanjor adhesives use advanced technology, they provide excellent performance and durability compared to other types of adhesives, which is why they have won the love of Norwegian gamblers.

The range of Jivanjor adhesives made using superior technology is–

Many online casino players in Greece have to glue wood and JIVANJOR offers premium glue. The JIVANJOR brand offers ready-made adhesives that are suitable for most carpentry work, but also for gluing anything in home decor, because διαδικτυακα καζινο players often prefer wood products. In addition, Jivanjor is great for gluing in office, college, kitchen, wall and garden decor and anywhere you can play online casinos.
This is not the first time that online casino players have encountered the problem of choosing wood glue, but JIVANJOR always meets their expectations. The brand offers ready-made adhesives that are suitable for most carpentry jobs, are very popular and effective mounting adhesives for home, office, kitchen, wall garden decor, which are often popular among tiki slot machine players. In addition, Jivanjor’s water-based adhesives, which include All Rounder, Aquabond, Lamino and PVC-Xtra, conform to standards, set quickly and offer reliable results for online casino players.
  • All Rounder
  • Aquabond
  • Champion Super
  • Foam Bond
  • Lamino
  • Lamino Nxt
  • PVC-Xtra
  • Water-Shield
  • Supremo
  • fastX

The Jivanjor Range