Lamino Nxt

Jivanjor Lamino Nxt – has Unique CC technology (Chloroprene Crystallization Technology) which facilitates the crystallization of rubber base quickly on the surface, thus gives instant holding strength within 10 minutes  and processing strength in two hours. It strongly bonds two laminates without shear and any      damage to expensive ply.


Lamino Nxt

Product Brief:

Jivanjor Lamino NXT is a Revolutionary Laminate to Laminate Bonding Specialist. This adhesive gives instant holding strength 10 minutes and processing strength in two hours. Lamino NXT has no smell, easy to use and doesn’t require vigorous mixing before use.


  • Viscosity Poise :  25-35
  • Open Time        : 10 mins
  • Curing Time      :  24 hours
  • Coverage          :  45 sq ft/kg
  • Bond Strength   : 110kg/sq inch


  • Laminate to Laminate adhesion
  • Heat Resistance up to 180 deg C
  • Quick setting in 2 hours
  • Benzene free formulation
  • Unique CC Technology

Pack Sizes:

100 ml,200 ml, 500 ml, 1l, 2l, 5l, 25l



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