JivanJor aquabond is Heat and Water proof special Adhesive made with Cross Linked Polymer (CLP) Technology. It is best for bonding surfaces which are exposed to water or extreme heat. JivanJor aquabond is smooth, easy to apply, has no smell and gives higher coverage than most similar adhesives.


  • Appearance         : White Viscous Liquid
  • % of Solids          : 46-49
  • Ph                        : 2.5-4.5
  • Viscosity in poise : 250-350
  • Coverage             : 50 sq.ft/kg
  • Bond strength      : Min 280 kg/sq.inch


  • Cross linked polymer provides excellent water and Heat resistance.
  • Superior flow and spread ability
  • Safe and formaldehyde free
  • Heat and water proof adhesive specially made for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Dries in 4-6 Hrs

Pack Sizes

1 Kg, 2 Kg, 5 Kg , 10 Kg, 20 Kg, 50 Kg



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